Ireland - Day 3: Trip to Northern Ireland, Mourne Mountains, Newcastle

The next day the hole group had a trip to the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland by bus.

It was wonderful driving through the great landscape with all the sheeps, cows and walls of stones, I couldn´t stop looking around - and taking photographs, of course. 

We had a stop at a lake in the mountains.

Later we had a walk to the Silent Valley Reservoir in the Mournes.

Then the tour by bus went on.

In the afternoon we went to Newcastle, a town at the seaside, where we also had lunch at the pub. It was an amazing day! A special thanks to Martin, who organized this trip and the bus.

At about 6 pm we arrived at Ballybay. We all didn´t know what a wonderful evening was waiting for us! At 9 pm, after having dinner in another pub, we all met at Liams. But this will be my next post. I just took sooooo many pictures. I think it´s a little too much... :-)