Ireland, Day 2 - Dublin and celebration in the evening

After having a delicious "full Irish breakfast" the bus to Dublin startet at 8.20 am in front of the guesthouse. A few of us went to Dublin, the others stayed at the town. I´ve never been to Ireland before, so i decided to visit Dublin - although I was a little tired...


The way back by bus at about 5.30 pm was pretty funny, Andrea and I had a lot of fun with taking photographs of cows and houses through the windows of the bus. :-)

When we arrived the others already were waiting for us. In the evening there was the "official part" of the 10th anniversary of our twin towning. So we had a great dinner at the Riverdale Hotel with some Irish music.

In the later evening the hole group moved to a pub. Another wonderful day ended here with wonderful Irish songs, sung by Regina and Karlheinz.