Ballybay - Lough Major at night

Yesterday in the evening I came back from Ireland, where I spent amazing three days. 

The town of Osterhofen, where my parents live, has a town twinning with Ballybay in the north of Ireland. Because of the 10th anniversary of this partnership a group of about twenty people from Osterhofen went there to celebrate this event, and I fortunately had the chance to come with them.

I met wonderful and friendly people there - at our own group as well as at Ballybay, where we were very cordially recieved by the locals. I am really glad about these new acquaintances and want to say "thanks" to all of the participants for this great time.

We had great trips as well and I got many many impressions of Ireland, although the time was very short. Of course I took millions of photographs - cooming soon...

To shorten the waiting time, here are some first pics of the lake of Ballybay, Lough Major. I took them at about 4 am - after the way home from the pub... :-)